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Ingredients expert predicts a bumper year for the revolutionised pizza

2019 is set to be another year of major developments in pizza, but not any old pizza, think healthy pizza!


Ingredients’ expert Philip Bull, Eurostar Commodities said; “What we have noticed is a dramatic change in the quality of ingredients, such as increased protein content in dough, more artisan lower calorie meats and cheeses in toppings, and the addition of pure vegetable powders into pizza bases to make spinach, beetroot and sweet potato pizza bases. This is a lasting trend that will revolutionise the way that we eat pizza forever. ”

Davide D’Auria, currently ranked No.1 UK pizza chef at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (World Pizza Championships) with a specialism in the Neopolitan pizza category (April 2018) said; “It is widely regarded that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, and pizza is part of this. The pizza is a good balance between carbohydrate, plus the protein of cheese, plus the fibre of either vegetable toppings or spelt or wholegrain flour. In Italy we make pizza with no additives so that it is a good balance of quality flour, water, high quality olive oil and sea salt. In Italy people eat pizza in a much more versatile way. It is not seen as being unhealthy. A better quality flour can increase digestion and healthier toppings reduce fat intake. A delicious slice of pizza can be a source of healthy carbohydrate and other nutrients.”


Here’s Davide D’auria’s guide to eating pizza healthily;


  1. Pizza toppings can be surprisingly healthy – choose less cheese, and fresh meats and more plant based and vegan toppings. The calorific value of pizza varies greatly dependent on the quality of the dough base and the fat content of the toppings that you choose, so think wisely, and think quality

  2. Pizza can have a lot of protein. Protein in the quality dough, when allowed to ferment properly keeps gases inside the dough, leaving you with a wonderfully light, nutty pizza base, think big holes. This is easier to digest and less volume.

  3. To keep it healthy, keep it simple and choose a slice during the day

  4. Skip the deep dish pizza and order thin crust instead – the pizza that Davide specialises in is the Neapolitan, a traditional pizza from Naples, for which he has refined the most up to date techniques - look for authentic Neapolitan where you can

  5. Pizza can be a well-balanced meal — even for breakfast. In Italy it is eaten with fresh fruit and light low fate slices of fresh meats

  6. Pizza made from whole wheat crust packs an even bigger nutritional punch – Davide recommends looking for Spelt pizza dough which he uses himself in the Della Terra range

  7. Pizza's reputation as a high-fat, unhealthy food is not based on the crust. Pizza dough is relatively low in fat and calories. When the dough is made from whole wheat flour, you gain complex carbohydrates, fibre and essential nutrients. Pizza can be made with vegetable powders – beetroot, spinach and sweet potato bases are on the menus of some of the very best pizza restaurants providing increased vegetable derived nutrients and  increased fibre

  8. Pizza can help you eat more veggies – Get your five a day and put them on your pizza!

  9. We recommend ordering a side salad as an accompaniment as the fibre will aid rapid digestion

  10. For example, a traditional marinara Neapolitan style tomato, oregano, garlic with anchovies for protein, made from a 200g pizza dough ball with a fresh salad on the side is around 600 calories


About Eurostar Commodities

Eurostar is an innovative family business from Yorkshire since 1994. Eurostar supplies over 10,000 tonnes of product to the UK and Europe every year, they are ingredients experts. Eurostar source the finest grains in small supply chains to ensure quality and provenance.

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