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Pizza Academy of Excellence

Welcome to our Pizza Academy of Excellence!


About our Academy:

With our expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to helping aspiring pizza chefs and enthusiasts master the craft of creating delicious and authentic pizzas.

Our Pizza Academy of Excellence occupies a specially designed educational academy based at Eurostar’s Brighouse headquarters where we run a schedule of masterclasses working with the latest Grandi Molini Italiani flours and exploring best practice techniques with the Neapolitan style pizza, classic pizza, Pinsa pizza, other styles of pizza, including gluten free pizza and speciality Italian breads.

Pizza chefs featured at the Academy are proponents of Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI) flours. Grandi Molini Italiani are one of Italy’s largest and most respected flour mills, another family business operating from the beginning of the 19th century.

What sets Our Pizza Academy of Excellence apart is our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. We believe that great pizza starts with great ingredients, which is why we source only the finest. 

Who can attend?

Our courses are designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels, whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced chef seeking to refine your techniques. With small class sizes and personalized instruction, you'll receive the attention and guidance you need to succeed.

Further classes are available to professional chefs, development teams who are passionate about pizza.

What you can expect:

During your time at Our Pizza Academy of Excellence, you'll have the opportunity to work first hand with the dough and learn the latest industry techniques. We will  provide the tools you need to create pizzas that are truly exceptional.

Our classes are both educational, interactive, and hands on, but above all great fun!

Our classes cover:

  • Dough
    Technical elements of dough; science of pizza making; fermentation; protein content
  • Technique
    Handling dough; stretching techniques; preparation; and correct storage
  • Ingredients
    Sourcing ingredients; and use of toppings
  • Special pizza      
    Vegan, gluten-free, catering for allergies and intolerances

Taught by the best in the industry:

We recently had the pleasure of working with the very talented Marco Greco. 

Puglia born Pizza Chef Marco Greco flew in from Italy to deliver a blistering master class in the latest technological techniques in pizza making, combined with the very finest traditional methods of fermentation and pizza making. 

Marco delivered a fantastic tutorial recently on how to get the best results from our Italiana type '0' Frozen dough balls, which are now available to order. 

Watch our short videos below that will talk you through each step, from defrosting your dough balls, proving the dough, hand stretching your dough, best toppings for your pizza and temperature to cook your pizza for best results, even what to do with any left over dough!







To register your interest in attendance for the next Pizza Academy please contact Diane Crabtree by e-Mail: or telephone: +44 (0) 1484 320516