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Gluten free chapatis made using Eurostar gluten free chapati flour

Our Brands

  • Our high quality, clean label gluten and wheat free flours deliver on taste as well as value, with an authentic result. Created to replicate wheat based products in taste, texture and ease of use.

  • Our market leading sushi brand, premium quality rice, especially selected for oriental and sushi dishes. The UK's best selling sushi rice (by volume).

  • Represents the purest grade of fragrant rice, imported directly from Thailand.

  • Our premium Italian brand, high quality products sourced from well renown suppliers across Italy, to give the authentic Italian experience.

  • Available exclusively through us in the UK, Grandi Molini Italiani (GMI) is one of the leading milling groups in Europe, and our partnership guarantees consistent high performance and the best results for pizza professionals.

  • A best selling flagship brand, Confucius premium rice is a staple for food service operators and restaurants in the UK oriental sector.

  • Premium gluten free pasta from the Italian pasta specialists Granoro

  • Premium grade sushi rice, carefully selected and milled for sushi/oriental dishes.

    Product of Vietnam

What Our Customers Say About Us


Lievito Naturale (Yeast Improver)

Scott Head Pizza Chef at Nysmokehouse

We have recently switched from using poolish to using
Lievito Naturale to enhance the strength and elasticity of the dough. When used with GMI Italiana pizza flour it is a great combination!

We are very happy with the final product, pizza is
deliciously crisp and has a wonderful sourdough flavour and aroma that our
customers love!


Pizza Spolvero (Semola Rimacinata) Dusting Flour

Kirsty Williams


So happy to finally have found a great semola rimacinata in larger size at a competitive price. Lovely colour, great to use and stops sticking! Fantastic ordering process and speedy delivery, you are kept upvto date at all stages. Highly recommend.

Our Story

Philip Bull set up Eurostar Commodities in 1994. A family run business which has now been successfully supplying the finest commodities and ingredients to food manufacturing, wholesale, foodservice, ethnic and retail markets, for over 30 years. Philip and his team have established strong, long-standing relationships with a host of world-renowned producers.