• Linguine

  • Spaghetti Vermicelli ​

  • Penne Rigate

  • Nidi Fettuccine

  • Capelli d'angelo

  • Fusilli

  • Capelli D’Angelo (Angel Hair Pasta)

Available exclusively through Eurostar Commodities in the UK, our Donna Chiara range of pasta is made in Italy from high quality durum wheat semolina sourced exclusively from Puglia. Quality standards ensure that the wheat contains good quality gluten that is strong and elastic. Available in various shapes, of differing thicknesses and cooking times, the pasta is golden yellow in colour and rich in protein.  


Excellent yield - 100g uncooked pasta will yield 200g – 250g cooked pasta, which will be compact, strong and elastic, just the way good quality pasta should be.

All pasta available in 4 x 3kg & 24 x 500g