5 things you need to know about the buoyant pizza market


The pizza market is changing, both in and out of the home. With the combination of the warmer British climate and the appetite for installing pizza ovens in gardens, sales of pizza flour are growing amongst budding ‘home made’ pizza chefs! There are a growing number of pizza ovens in the home which is helping to fuel the growth.



Blending hard and soft wheats, as we do in our Crispy Bite Pizza flour, produces a unique pizza flour blend. It gives the magic added crunch which works so well in wood fired ovens



Pizza is re-entering the market with healthy options – it is true! Bases made with complex carbohydrate and quality sourced grains transform the base into something nutritionally good. We are about to launch a new and exciting pizza flour in the UK. Spelt & Rye pizza flour is a healthy blend of ancient grains, which produce a pizza with higher fibre and lower gluten. It is easily digested and kinder on the stomach as well as having enhanced flavour properties. There is NO discomfort or bloating. Whilst this is not entirely gluten free, the naturally lower gluten contained in spelt and rye also breaks down much quicker than wheat gluten, when digested, which diminishes the unpleasant digestive effects some people experience after eating pizza made with traditional wheats.



While there will always be a place for the quick delivery pizza we are witnessing a renaissance in quality, style and individuality with Chefs and home cooks alike innovating and putting their own stamp on their pizza. Even for the fast food trade we’ve created ‘Frumenta Pizza Manitoba’ which is the same quality ‘00’ flour, blended with a higher percentage of Canadian hard wheats, naturally higher in protein, to allow for a longer leavening period, resulting in a very fragrant and light pizza.



In the ‘out of home’ market, we are seeing significant growth, particularly amongst the bar chains, as pizza provides a simple and cost effective way to retain customers for longer.  Small microwaveable stone based pizza ovens allow freshly cooked pizza to be made and served within 2 minutes, with little fuss. Dough balls and pizza bases are more likely to be used in this situation, and this option will also allow them to serve their gluten free customers more easily. Manufacturers are therefore seeing growth in demand from this sector.