Italian Pizza With Frumenta '00'

COOKING TIME: about 3 minutes at 320/350°C.


  • 1kg Pizza Frumenta Flour

  • 30g Natural yeast (Lievito Naturale)

  • 1-3g Dried yeast

  • 620ml Water

  • 30g Salt

  • 30g Extra virgin olive oil



Put all flour in the mixer, the natural dough yeast, the dried yeast and 520 ml of water (80% of the total). Turn on the mixer on a first speed. After 2 minutes slowly add the remained water in 2 minutes. After 5 minutes add all salt. After a further 5 minutes (10 minutes) add the olive oil.

Mixing Time

10 minutes first speed and 5 minutes second speed if available, otherwise mix for 16/18 minutes with a single speed mixer until the dough is smooth and uniform. Leave resting the whole dough for 20 minutes then start making dough balls and put the balls on a pizza trays, leave the trays ambient temperature for about ½ hour and put in the fridge at 4° C until 2/3 hours before making pizza. Without fridge leave in trays at ambient temperature for 6/10 hours. You are now ready to make your pizza.