Straight from the World Pizza Championships 2018 in Parma, D’Auria will host a masterclass at A Di Maria


Davide was awarded the prestige of being ranked No.1 UK pizza chef at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza with a specialism in the Neopolitan pizza category in April 2018.

Antonio Di Maria says; “We were very impressed with the quality of the pizza flour that Davide and Eurostar Commodities have brought to us. We champion excellence in production and quality authentic Italian produce and we are delighted to make them part of our winning team. It is very exciting and we are all looking forward to delicious pizza!”

To celebrate Midlands firm A Di Maria’s launch of the new range of Grandi Molini Italiani artisan Italian pizza flours, Pizza Verace, Pizza Italiana, and Pizza Dorata – Eurostar Commodities’ Davide D’Auria will host pizza masterclasses on the 20th July.

Guests are invited to a demonstration of the latest pizza innovations from dough to plate from the award winning pizza chef, using the new flours, and finishing with taster sessions, all hosted at the Pear Tree Inn in Woodhouse Eaves.

Davide D’Auria heads up Eurostar Commodities technical development team creating artisan pizza flours and advising on the technical elements of making the perfect dough. He worked as a pizza chef at Harrods and is a graduate of the prominent Pizza Italiani News School. One of five brothers originally from Naples who are all pizza chefs he started officially in pizza kitchens at age 16. He says, “I love my products but what I really love about Eurostar Commodities is that no matter how big or small our client we give them all the technical support that they ever need. We go and see them, we train them, and we tailor our service to their business.”


A Di Maria are based in Coventry and provide the finest Italian foods and wines throughout the Midlands. Antonio Di Mara says; “ Our success is based on the service and quality that only a family business like ours can provide”. Established in 1975 by Alberto and Marietta Di Maria, it is run today by Antonio Di Maria, his two sons Adriano Di Maria and Marco Di Maria and their friendly team. The team operate all over the Midlands and offer distribution with their own staff and vans, assuring a first class service.



Facts about the Pizza Word Championship - Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza

  1. A gruelling three intense days of competition now in its 27th year

  2. 40 different nations represented, totalling over 750 of the best pizza makers from all over the world, as far as Shanghai, Auckland and Sydney

  3. Compete for the coveted Heinz Beck trophy and the accolade of the being crowned the World’s Best Pizza Maker

5 trends in pizza for 2018

  1. 84% of the population now eat pizza regularly

  2. High quality ingredients - Quality of pizza has vastly improved with artisan restaurants

  3. Posh pizza - Massive trend in home pizza ovens means that home-cooked pizza has transcended into MasterChef territory

  4. Healthy pizza - Pizza bases made from vegetable flours will grow tying in with the gluten free trend & growth of natural ingredients. These alternative flours are made from beetroot and spinach creating a stand-out purple or green pizza base

  5. Pizza for breakfast - There is no better time for pizza than breakfast. The key point relies on creating a pizza that offers the right nutrition levels with raw vegetables and fresh fruits and served in the mornings - an Italian tradition coming to the UK this year


About Eurostar Commodities

Eurostar is a leading supplier of the finest commodities and innovative ingredients. Eurostar supplies 10,000 tons of flour and other ingredients each year to some of Ireland’s biggest brands, retailers and restaurants. Eurostar is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from our ingredients.


DAVIDE IS AVAILABLE FOR LIVE LINKS, INTERVIEWS AND BLOG POSTS. For further information please contact Vicky Hague or Helen Trevorrow at Green Row on 07921 060 112.

Eurostar Commodities UK artisan flour range includes;

  • Pizza Verace – 25kg - Extraordinarily digestible with a remarkable golden, tasty crust

  • Pizza Italiani – 25kg - Type ‘00’ fragrant, tasty & easily digested. Particularly good for deep-dish

  • Lievito Naturale – 5kg – Natural yeast type ‘0’ malted wheat flour. Increases extensibility to improve ‘rolling out’ / ‘stretching’. Characteristic flavour, crisp and fragrant with a golden colour

  • Pizza Dorata – 25kg - Produced with Manitoba grain and a mix of Canadian and North American grains of great strength and tightness. Produces an extremely soft dough which firms up during fermentation

  • Eurostar Commodities new pizza flour mixes made with beetroot, spinach and sweet potato – available in 5kg and 25kg