Healthy Pizza with Spelt & Rye 

COOKING TIME: about 3 minutes at 320/350°C.


  • 1kg Spelt & Rye Pizza Flour

  • 30g Natural yeast (Lievito Naturale)

  • 1-3g Dried yeast

  • 620ml Water

  • 30g Salt

  • 30g Extra virgin olive oil



Put all the flour in the mixer, along with the natural yeast and the dried yeast. Turn on the mixer at first speed and slowly add the water, during the first five minutes of mixing. After 5 minutes add salt. After a further 5 minutes add the olive oil.

Mixing Time

10 minutes first speed and 5 minutes second speed if available, otherwise mix for 16/18 minutes with a single speed mixer until the dough is smooth and uniform. Leave resting the whole dough for 20 minutes then start making dough balls and put the balls on a pizza trays, leave the trays ambient temperature for about ½ hour and put in the fridge at 4° C until 2/3 hours before making pizza. Without fridge leave in trays at ambient temperature for 6/10 hours. You are now ready to make your pizza.