We are the exclusive UK distributors for Gingen ginger drinks, one of Thailand’s most popular drinks brands.


Extracted from quality ginger, the drinks can be taken hot or cold, with 3 varieties, and no preservatives or artificial colourings, just 100% natural.


It is a delicious natural drink which consistently out-performs any competition. There are many health benefits associated with ginger tea style drinks including aiding digestion, alleviation of nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, boosting immunity and anti-bacterial properties.


Conveniently packaged for home or work, ready in an instant.


Imported directly from Thailand, Gingen is available in three varieties in an instant powdered sachet to drink hot or cold:

  • Strong Ginger Formula – 100% ginger, strong taste, zero calories, earthy and spicy.

  • Ginger with Honey – naturally sweetened with brown sugar and honey. Beautiful aroma and with naturally relieving properties for your stomach

  • 100% Ginger- 100% ginger with a gentle fragrant flavour. Naturally delicious.


Available in bags of 12 sachets, minimum order 3 bags, or in full cases.


Boxes – each box contains 10 sachets, 24 boxes in a case

Bags – each bag contains 20 sachets, 12 bags in a case