Innovative ‘healthy’ chapati flour lands in Leicester

Leicester’s Jalpur Millers have joined forces with Eurostar Commodities to launch a healthy eating revolution. Eurostar Commodities is to double production of its Spelt and Rye chapati flours to cope with massive demand in the UK.

Stocks of Spelt and Rye sold out completely in Leicester in the opening weekend as customers flocked to Jalpur Millers to try the new product. Diane Crabtree, Northern Sales Manager, Eurostar commodities said; “We are delighted by the success of this product in Leicester and it reflects a larger consumer trend toward ingredients which have increased health benefits. If you want to improve your health then it is very simple; make the switch to Spelt and Rye chapati flour and enjoy instant positive benefits on your health.”

Jaysukh Pau, MD of Jalpur Millers said; “We are delighted that we can offer our customers a product that is good for them, but we find that because of their more natural processing they have enhanced flavour properties and increased absorption benefits. So it is good for you but more importantly it tastes delicious.”


In what it calls a massive trend toward healthy alternatives, sales of Spelt and Rye chapati flour have exceeded expectations in its launch year (12 months to March 2017).