NEW TREND: What flavour pizza base would you like?

Eurostar Commodities, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the finest commodities and innovative ingredients is launching a new range of pizza flour mixes to bring the latest Italian trend to UK restaurants.

Known as Pizza Base Mixing, artisan Italian pizza chefs swap traditional dough for a mix comprised of highly premium vegetable powder (derived only from 100% vegetable) and premium ‘00’ flour. The resulting pizzas come in healthy spinach, sweet potato or beetroot flavours and in bright colours with delicious crispy vegetable pizza crust. Plus they’re also higher in fibre and protein.


Philip Bull, Managing Director of Eurostar Commodities said; “When I was sourcing products in Italy I noticed a new, very artisan trend in the village of G uardiagrele in the hills in the Abruzzo region, near Chieti. Small pizzerias were offering choices on pizza bases – as well as toppings. Frequently served by the slice, Italians were eating bases made from mixes of spinach, sweet potato and even liquorice! Small restaurants are starting to offer it on their menus asking customers ‘what base would you like?’ on the back of healthy eating trends and of course offering a much fuller flavour.”         

The range has been developed by Eurostar Commodities Technical Development Team and comprises 3 ‘secret recipe’ variants mixed in combining vegetable powder with natural yeast and ‘00’ Italian pizza flour. The result is better extensibility to improve ‘rolling out’ / ‘stretching’ and a characteristic flavour, crisp and fragrant with a golden colour. The premixes are available in cases of 4 x 3kg bags, or a mixed case.

A Wholemeal Spelt pizza base mix is also part of the range, giving a healthier wholemeal base, higher in fibre and protein. 


The premixes are available from Italian wholesalers across the UK, or direct from Eurostar Commodities website visit

Eurostar is an innovative family business from Yorkshire since 1994. Eurostar supplies over 10,000 tonnes of product to the UK and Europe every year, we are ingredients experts. Eurostar source the finest grains in small supply chains to ensure quality and provenance.

Eurostar Commodities Technical Development Manager, Davide D’Auria is now ranked as the UK’s best pizza chef. Davide was awarded the prestige of being ranked No.1 UK pizza chef at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza with a specialism in the Neopolitan pizza category in April 2018.

For further information please contact Helen Trevorrow or Vicky Hague at Green Row

on +44 794 000 9138.

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