"00" Frumenta Pasta Flour

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A truly innovative, specialist and natural flour – primarily used for producing high-quality pasta. This flour is genuine Italian, very white and fluffy, high in protein, and is very difficult to produce as it is such a finely milled and specialist flour. Low ash refers to the whiteness of the flour – perfect for making the end pasta product stand out from the rest on the shelves – be it dried or fresh pasta. Currently used for the manufacture of high-end retail pasta and sold across the UK.


This special flour is made with Manitoba, Canadian and North American springtime wheat, offering great strength and resilience. Contains a minimum of 13.5% protein, and requires 10 to 16 hours leavening. This flour produces a light and crispy pizza, full of flavour and easy to digest. This is most suitable for high quality restaurants who want to produce the most flavoursome and traditional Italian pizzas.

Sizes Available 


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