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Frumenta Italian Flour 

Frumenta Italian Flour


Frumenta Italian Flour


‘00’ Frumenta Pizza 5kg, 15kg, 25kg

A premium, Italian ‘00’ medium strength pizza flour. This is ideal for quick leavening times of 4 to 8 hours. 12.5% protein, this flour produces pizzas which are fragrant, tasty and light. Perfect for chefs who make their dough using the direct mixing method, and who need great pizzas fast. This flour is currently used by fast food outlets and restaurants across the UK.

‘00’ Frumenta Pizza Manitoba 15kg, 25kg

This special flour is made with Manitoba, Canadian and North American springtime wheat, offering great strength and resilience. Contains a minimum of 13.5% protein, and requires 10 to 16 hours leavening. This flour produces a light and crispy pizza, full of flavour and easy to digest. This is most suitable for high quality restaurants who want to produce the most flavoursome and traditional Italian pizzas.

‘0’ Frumenta Pizza 1kg, 5kg

Ideal for making pizzas and focaccia bread. This flour is able to absorb more water during the preparation than generic bread and pizza flour, therefore the dough is more extensible and capable of perfect leavening. Ideal for household use.

‘00’ Frumenta Pasta 1kg, 5kg

A low ash and lump free, very white pasta flour. Perfect for home-made dry or fresh pasta. Suitable for use by hand or in pasta machines.