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Eurostar Wheat Flour 

Eurostar Wheat Flour


Eurostar Wheat Flours


Eurostar ‘00’ Low Ash Pasta Flour 25kg

A truly innovative, specialist and natural flour – primarily used for producing high quality pasta. This flour is genuine Italian, very white and fluffy, high in protein, and is very difficult to produce as it is such a finely milled and specialist flour. Low ash refers to the whiteness of the flour – perfect for making the end pasta product stand out from the rest on the shelves – be it dried or fresh pasta. Currently used for the manufacture of high end retail pasta and sold across the UK.

Eurostar ‘00’ Noodle Flour 25kg

Another product innovation – Eurostar ‘00’ Noodle Flour is a specially produced fine wheat flour that is extremely white and high in protein and gluten. Used to produce the finest fresh, steamed and dried noodles. Also good for manufacturing dim sum.

Eurostar ‘00’ Yellow 25kg

This is a very high strength flour due to its high protein content, together with a high W value. It offers high tolerance and bulk fermentation properties as well as a fantastic yield due to a high water absorption rate. It withstands fermentation times of between 15 and 18 hours. Specially formulated for producing high quality Puff Pastry, Cakes, Croissants, Vol au Vents, Pies, Flaounes, Brioche, Danish Pastry. Eurostar ‘00’ Yellow is also perfect for slow rising doughs and long fermentation to produce ‘sourdough’ – or the ‘biga’ method. Made with reputable Manitoba wheat, the end product possesses a typical Mediterranean pizza flavour – great for an original Italian pizza. 15% min protein content.

Eurostar ‘00’ Rinforzato Farina 25kg

A premium flour, offering greater crust retention and excellent volume. This is a medium to high strength flour with excellent protein content and higher extensibility. Specially formulated for producing Ciabatta bread, Kaiser rolls, French rolls and Bagels. Also perfect for use in high end pizza using the sourdough / Italian ‘BIGA’ method, as well as direct mixing methods with 10-12 hours fermentation period. This flour is currently used in the UK by restaurant chefs and large food manufacturers. Ideal for specialist breads and pizzas.

Eurostar Crispy Bite ‘00’ Pizza Flour

An exclusive and exciting new product to the UK, this is a must have for all pizza producers who require a light and crispy base. A unique blend of American and European wheats, offering greater extensibility and seal, ideal for medium to long leavening (10 – 16 hours) at room temperature. Keeps in a refrigerator for up to 3 days, and can be used to re-enforce weak flours. 55% water absorption on flour weight. Available in 15kg.

Eurostar Organic Flours

Introducing our brand new range of organic flours,for optimum health and vitality. We believe organic flours give the best taste and make a superior loaf,and because we use only the finest quality grains your bread is packed with flavour and is healthier too! Organic White Wheat, White Rye and White Spelt, Organic Wholemeal Wheat, Wholemeal Rye and Wholemeal Spelt, all available in 15kg.