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Heat treated flours for food manufacturing

Heat treated flours for food manufacturing

Heat treatHT imageed flours are used in the food manufacturing industry for batters and bread coatings, thickeners & fillers, improvers, cakes & biscuits, peanut coatings and dusting.

Modified by thermo-heat application to create higher value products there is no use of chemicals within the process so the product remains completely natural.

Our new range of heat treated flours includes very dry flours with a maximum moisture content of 5%, 7% or 10%, cold viscosity flours, cake flours, flour for sauces and gravies and agglomerated flour.

Uses include

confectionery, cake products, biscuits, speciality bread, noodle improver, snacks, wafers, batter mixes, dough improvers and fillers for the meat industry.

The benefits these flours offer to the manufacturing process include

  • Improved texture
  • Retained crispiness
  • Improved end quality
  • Palatability
  • Moisture retention
  • Softness of crumb
  • Longer life

Our heat-treated flours are sourced from a specialised supplier in Europe whose production facilities are equipped with the latest technology, equipment and machinery to produce flours to the highest quality.

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